Chopped Liver

Chopped liver is often served as a first course at holiday meals in Jewish homes. I prepare it with a lot of eggs, and a lot of fried onions; that is the only way I like it; you can vary the amount of eggs and onions you use, but in my opinion, the more the... Continue Reading →

Roasted Pepper and Eggplant Soup

I owe many thanks to my friend Michal for having shared this recipe with me. Michal saw this soup at the Culinary Institute of America in Vermont, and then brilliantly formulated this recipe. The soup is very rich in flavor, texture, and color. Our family loves it. So, once again, thank you Michal!! Ingredients: 1... Continue Reading →

Broccoli with Buttered Breadcrumbs

I first tasted Broccoli when we spent a year in Los Angeles; we would buy the broccoli at the Farmers Market in Santa Monica, and I learned to enjoy this vegetable very much. I like to prepare it the same way as I do cauliflower - with buttered breadcrumbs. Ingredients: broccoli, cut into serving-size floweretteswatersaltsome... Continue Reading →

Sour Cream Pound Cake

This recipe has been in our family since 1971. We were then in Chicago, living in the student housing of the University of Chicago. Yaron was a few months old, and we belonged to a babysitting co-op in the building - (a brilliant "invention" - when you joined the babysitting co-op, you got a list... Continue Reading →

Plum Cake

This is a wonderful summer cake, easy, delicious. Although I don't use too many plums for this recipe, you can adjust the amount of plums as you like. Enjoy! Ingredients: 4 or 5 plums, cut into quarters or eighths1-2 Tablespoons sugar for sprinkling on the plums before baking.50 grams (1.7 oz) butter, softened or melted1/4 cup... Continue Reading →

Pearl Barley

Pearl barley can be prepared in several ways - in soups, as a salad, or as a side dish for any meal. This is a recipe for barley served as a warm side dish. Ingredients: 1 cup pearl barley, soaked in water for half an hour, rinsed and drained1 1/2 cups boiling  watersaltpepper1 small chopped onion, chopped into small pieces1 carrot,... Continue Reading →

Passover Sponge Cake

This is the sponge cake that I make every Passover - I first saw it in a cookbook put out by "The Jerusalem Post" about 25 years ago. After having tried many recipes for sponge cake, this recipe quickly became our favorite. I added one ingredient to the original recipe - (2 Tablespoons canola oil), because this makes... Continue Reading →

Orange Whipped Cream Mousse

This recipe I found in an old cookbook which belonged to my mother.  The name of the book is "The Complete American-Jewish Cookbook". Unfortunately, the first pages are missing, so I don't have the name of the author. When I was young, I always loved these light and creamy desserts - and I still do... Continue Reading →

Milk Chocolate Parfait

This is a very pleasant, light dessert, and SO easy to prepare. It is made by preparing a variation of ganache, but using milk chocolate. Being that I am a milk chocolate "junkie", I choose to use milk chocolate when making this version of chocolate parfait. It is delicate and has a touch of chocolate... Continue Reading →

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