Savory Passover “Burekas”

These “burekas” are perfect for a brunch during Passover, or a light supper. Also a great solution for something to take along on a day trip with the family; it’s filling, and easier to eat in the car or on a picnic, than matzas. In addition to being tasty, they won’t fill the car or house with zillions of crumbs – as matzas are famous for doing.

These “burekas” can be filled with anything you like. I usually fill them with a combination of any yellow cheese you have on hand, and white cheeses (can be cream cheese, salty Bulgarian cheese or anything that is firm enough not to ooooze out of the burekas when frying them and eating them.). To the cheese mixture, you can add anything you like, for example, chopped scallions (green onions), roasted and marinated peppers (sliced or chopped), marinated eggplant slices, etc. etc. The choice is yours, and that is why the list of ingredients will be rather vague. I will mainly describe the process of making them, but will leave the specific kinds of cheese, and the additional ingredients, to you.


  • matzas (each matza makes two “burekas”, so use as many matzas as you need).
  • water for soaking
  • white cheeses (for example, cream cheese, cream cheese with scallions, salty Bulgarian cheese, anything that is solid enough not to ooze out of the burekas
  • yellow cheese
  • chopped scallions
  • salt
  • pepper
  • (Optional additions: sliced roasted and marinated peppers or eggplant)
  • eggs for dipping burekas before frying
  • oil and butter for frying


  1. Take the amount of matzas you will need for the “burekas”; each matza makes two “burekas”
  2. Prepare two clean tea towels – and put them under running water till then are all wet.
  3. On a large tray, or countertop, lay one wet tea towel.
  4. Break each matza carefully in half.
  5. Wet each matza half under running water.
  6. Place all the wet matza halves on the wet towel.
  7. Place the second wet tea towel over the wet matzas.
  8. Wait about half an hour, until the matzas are soft enough to bend without breaking.
  9. Meanwhile, in a bowl prepare the cheese filling with whatever additions you like.
  10. When the matza halves are soft enough to bend easily, place a large Tablespoon of filling on each matza half.
  11. Roll up carefully.
  12. Crack eggs into a bowl and mix with fork
  13. Dip each matza “roll” into the beaten eggs, making sure that all sides of the matza “roll” are covered with the egg.
  14. In non-stick frying pan, put some canola oil/and butter if you like – when it is hot, put in the matza rolls that have been dipped in egg.
  15. Fry on all sides, till nicely browned.
  16. Place on paper towels to drain any excess oil.
  17. Serve lukewarm or at room temperature.

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